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Light in Darkness,” Patron’s Favorite for the First Quarter at the Delta Gallery in Brentwood

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Blog of random thoughts, stories and testimonies.

Writing down my thoughts and ideas on a daily, weekly or monthly basis was a habit for me growing up. I sometimes had dreams that seemed so real. I would write them down and some have came to pass. I don’t take dreams and visions lightly or a tugging on my heart to get a few words out. Some words are meant to be read.

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Experiencing the Presence of Angels

Experiencing the presence of angelic beings …

Another side of January 6th


Belt of the Milky Way from Captain Cook, The Big Island, Hawaii

God of Creation

It’s amazing to think of God and His hand over creation. Every time I stare up at the sky, I’m so amazed at His magnificent creation. The lyrics to the song by Hillsongs, “So will I” really gets me thinking about God’s hand of creation. Here are the lyrics: So Will I (100 Billion X)…

person holding an ultrasound scan photo

The Value of Human Life

Throughout history there have been times where certain groups of people have been slaughtered. A person’s life was devalued according to their race or religion. Even today, news sources say that China is slaughtering the Uyghurs. The Death Toll Far surpassing in number are the deaths of babies in the womb. According to the World…


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